Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maine On My Mind

Several years ago Jack and I were having dinner with friends, many of whom had just seen the Michael Moore film, Fahrenheit 911. It was of course a spirited discussion with many different opinions, all interesting, until one woman said she could not believe that a film like that could be made in this country. And I thought, thank God I live in a country where this film can be made. Agree with Michael Moore or not, I respect his opinion, his right to have an opinion and his want to share his opinion.

John Adams, many agree, really shot himself in the political foot in signing the Alien and Sedition Acts, most of which are now repealed, which would have sent Michael Moore to prison for making his movies. Over 200 years ago Americans did not reelect a President who moved to restrict their freedoms, in a time when women couldn't vote, show their ankles or own property. But they knew that being prohibited from expressing themselves was wrong.

Mary and Kate will be able to vote, and they will be able to buy a house on their own. They will grow up in a world where they know they they have the right to make choices, to read what they want and see what they want and be who they want, but apparently, unless they choose to live in the heart of conservative Iowa, not marry who they want.

My freedom to make choices matters to me in every possible way. What I don't understand is why it matters to the good people of Maine.

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