Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Room to Room, Achoo!

Maybe we've been swined, or maybe not, I don't really know. There was sickness, six days of sickness, two miserable children, and two very tired parents. What I do know is that we are not terribly bright, because in the midst of the October 09 health crisis, we decided to completely rearrange our apartment.

Office to playroom, family room to dining room, dining room to radiator room, and living room to family room. While the children slept Jack and I moved furniture, painted walls, cleaned floors (that had been hidden for five years under heavy bookcases) and discovered a ridiculous amount of things that we don't need, although I am keeping every last issue of the soon to be defunct Gourmet magazine.

Of course this meant disconnecting the computer and the television, leaving us trapped for days without access to the outside world, save the archaic telephone. Still we remain Internet free, and I must find my computer time at the tea shop, now that the sick have returned to school. How is one supposed to grocery shop without a computer? It's challenging.

My friend Jeffy calls our home the Rubik's cube, and it is. To move this, you must move that, but not before you move those, there is no unclaimed space. The addition of children, and their necessities, has made the cube just a bit more difficult to sort. And after several days in isolation, Mary and Kate woke up to find a bright blue room all their own, full of things they love, and things we could no longer tolerate finding in every room in this apartment. There is no longer room for Mr. Potato Head in the dining room, move over Spud, you've got your own space now.

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