Monday, December 22, 2008

Down on the Farm

Here in the mid-west we have children to work the land, milk the cows, bake the pies and tend to the elders. And we keep having them until the farm is sufficiently stocked with laborers which often equals big farming families. Here in our corner of the world we have very little land to be farmed, and fewer cows to be milked but I knew there was a reason, beyond the great joy and endless love, to have children. Aha!

I love old silver, and over the years I have amassed quite a collection. Hand me downs from my grandmother, a few things I snuck out of my mother's house, a piece or two from my great aunts combined with years of picking up random pieces at auctions and estate sales equals many, many things to keep shiny, especially this time of year.

Years ago I overheard someone say, quite rudely, "and just wait until she has to polish all that silver". Jokes on you lady, look at this. Mary and Kate hard at work with their Cape Cod Polishing Cloths, wiping away every bit of tarnish and grime those old candlesticks could hold. And with no chickens to tend, we only require two children for this job, although they will be tending to their elders someday. But with well polished silver, we'll all be just dandy.

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