Monday, December 22, 2008

Come in From the Cold

While enjoying yet another round of Mary Poppins, as performed by Mary and Kate, I heard horrid screaming coming from the street. Out our office window I could see Melvin, on his front porch, yelling and screaming to no one in particular. Just this weekend our next door neighbor told me that he thinks the people across the street lock Melvin out during the day, explaining why he wanders the neighborhood in the afternoon.

We are hoping for a high temperature of 5 today, up from yesterday's -1. It is bitter out, the air slaps your skin, stinging it instantly. Even Eleanor Roosevelt, who usually likes to linger outside as long as possible, trots out and back inside in record time. It is far too cold to be outside, and ridiculous to be trapped outside. I called the police. Mary, Kate and I stood in the office watching and waiting, two cars arrived, the officers talked to Melvin and then put him safely in the back of one warm car. They wandered around the house for a bit, discovered nothing, and left with Melvin, hopefully taking him to a warm shelter where he can spend the day.

We're making cookies this afternoon. Mary asked if we could give some cookies to Melvin, when he gets home. It's cold out, time to check on our neighbors, offer cookies to all and keep those we love close and warm. Happy almost Christmas!

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