Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's like Thunder, Lightning

Growing up in the mid-west, one becomes fairly accustomed to huge summer thunderstorms, the kind that shake your house and make you very happy to be inside looking out. Last night, right around 7:00 pm, our apartment began to shake, as did Eleanor Roosevelt who does not share my enjoyment of the huge summer storm. Kate put her hands up to her ears and continued on with her business of getting ready for bed. We all stood at the front porch, looking out at the very dark sky, lit so brightly with a flash of lightning, followed by the huge boom of thunder, some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard. I stepped up, ready to comfort my little family and calm any fears they might have about this madness, "No need to be afraid, the boom you hear is the clouds bumping into one another, they are in cloud traffic". I was so pleased with my little analogy. Kate looked up and said, "Mom, the lightning is just electricity in the sky", and went about her evening, hands clasped oh so tightly over her ears.

My mom told me the boom was God bowling.

As for God, Kate thanked God tonight for our Chinese restaurant. Apparently she was pleased with her mixed vegetables with tofu, thank God.

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