Saturday, August 16, 2008

Uncle Kenny's House

A list of things I love about Uncle Kenny's house:

1. My children leave their underwear in the family room and he really, and I don't know why, doesn't mind.
2. Eleanor is welcome, and she is not always a gracious houseguest.
3. He has the worst movie collection of any I have ever seen in my life (we counted THREE Rob Schneider films,can you really call those films?) We never have time to watch movies.
4. The backyard, it's cozy and wildly landscaped and the best place to melt on a hot Kansas City afternoon.
5. And then you come inside, always bring a sweater when you visit, the air is set at 62 degrees.
6. Every sink has wonderful smelling soap. I'm partial to the piney scent in the master bath, Thymes Frasier Fir Hand Wash, a bit of Christmas smell in August.
7. Eleanor loves the dog treats, scary orange puffs, readily available.
8. Everytime you visit it's a new house, he moves furniture daily, paints walls monthly.
9. When I leave I smell like this wonderful house.
10. Uncle Kenny lives here and it feels like home.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

yay! glad you had a great trip and most importantly, did you eat at Winstead's or taco via? xoxo


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