Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another World

Mary and Kate talk about my grandparents and my dad as if they were here with us right now. I tell them stories, wonderful stories about people they will never know in hopes of making these people, these people so significant in my life, real to them. And they now tell me things about these three, as in "Mimi loves strawberries", which helps keep these people real for me. Today they were talking about all the people they love, their immediate family but also my parents and Jack's parents. "Mom, dad is so lucky because he has his mom and his dad but he doesn't live with them". I wondered where this might go. "Mom, you are very lucky because you have your mom but granddaddy, does he still live in our world?". I miss my dad every single day, it's been almost six years, and this was the nicest way I could imagine to think of him. I am very lucky.

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