Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Mary has lost her first tooth. Did I say tooth? Mary has lost her first peanut fragment. Soon after the 7th inning stretch on Tuesday Mary and Jack bumped heads and from Mary's mouth flew the tiniest of things, what she immediately recognized as a tooth, what I knew to be a small peanut crumb. Loosing a peanut crumb from one's mouth is a defining moment, one that propels you to greatness in nearly no time. Mary grew several inches overnight. She can now help with the laundry, she enjoys pickles more, she can roller skate and she can say, because you must lose a peanut fragment before this is allowed, "Thank God".

She has told everyone she meets. Balbina knows about the peanut, as does everyone at soccer, at Whole Foods and the wait staff at the local Irish pub where we lunched yesterday. She is very grown up and we are most proud of her.


karen said...

Your children are so beautiful and I can tell you are a wonderful mom!

Maybe we'll end up in KC at the same time someday soon!

Love you,

Sister (once removed) Karen

Anonymous said...

did you know that dick and jan spent their entire courtship at Wrigley Field? xop


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