Friday, August 1, 2008

Order for Delivery

I realize, as an urban dweller, that we must be amongst the laziest folk on the planet. We also must hate to cook, or we are really bad cooks, although I don't think that is really true, I know some very good urban chefs. But the temptation is there: long day, bad day, easy day, order for delivery. We have our favorites but the reality is, within an hour we could have almost anything (that one can wedge into a brown paper bag) delivered to our home. Why cook when some nice person will bring this to our apartment?
And we ride in waves, right now it's Penny's Noodles. There is also Mr. Salsa, P.S. Bangkok, Hai Yen, Katachi, Andie's, and of course, Giogio's. Scariest place you've ever seen but wonderful pizza, best to have it delivered, to avoid the shock of the actual restaurant.

About a year ago, whenever someone buzzed the gate in the late afternoon, the girls would yell "DINNER!". This was our first clue. This evolved into yelling "VIETNAMESE!" as we entered a Hai Yen period. Now when they play telephone with each other we hear "Order for delivery" from one pretend phone to the other.

It's time for me to find my way back to the kitchen.

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