Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day a New Way

The names scrolled across the screen as I sat, inches from the television, awaiting my fate: Raymore R4, Shawnee Mission 512,Turner R7...


My children will never know this joy, this wild and unbridled joy, the culmination of hours spent staring out the window, watching the snow fall mightily to the ground, waiting for the evening news...

Snow Day!
Immediately the phone rang, did you see? No school tomorrow! Let the planning begin!

 The modern snow day lacks some spontaneity. Our home phone rings, then my cell. Somewhere in the distance Jack's phone rings. Then they all ring once more because we have two children. My phone vibrates with a new text, and then another. There is an email from the district and one from the school. And the next day, the day that we had hoped to sleep past the usual 6:00 am alarm, they call once more, just to make sure we don't brave the negative temperatures to get our children to school.

No need for concern.

While they might miss out on the experience of freedom brought on my Mother Nature as announced by the evening news, they still get this,

 and that does make for a pretty nice snow day.

Oh no, we were not at Cricket Hill this week when temperatures hovered around -15 degrees. Images from a much warmer snow day, blizzard 2011.

My opinion on the recent rash of days off thanks to the frigid temperatures? Absolutely. My children ride to school, now, in a warm car. The majority of the 400,000 children in the district rely on public transportation. And the thought of  one of them standing on train platform Tuesday morning, bundled to combat the ridiculous wind chills, insane. As much as I hate to extend the school year into summer, I hate the idea of frozen children more.


Nellie said...

Child safety should always be the paramount concern! As a retired elementary teacher - before the age of texting, etc. - we would be glued to the TV for the announcement for our three daughters - and me!:-) These days, our daughter with children in school receives notices about school closures/delays much the same way as you do.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I hadn't thought about the comparison of snow days now to those of our growing up, but you're right. I remember very clearly listening to the morning radio for news of closings. There was no internet, of course. You had to wait for the list of schools to be scrolled through...your heart just racing.

We've had quite a few snow days already this year...but no real snow. We've had ice and frigid temperatures, but I STILL haven't gotten any good snow pictures since 2011. If we have to deal with all this crazy cold (relative to south-central Kentucky), Mother Nature owes me some powder! ;)


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