Friday, April 20, 2012

The Taste Buds

First there was spring break, then a quick hop out of town, plus the two children, full time volunteer school job, and one short story project that is far from complete and due in a few short days; in essence, I'm getting very little accomplished while appearing to be quite busy. Just as my high school guidance counselor knew I would someday be, running in circles yet making no butter.

So I opted to do something else, writing restaurant reviews for my children and their friend Noah, three savvy epicureans who boldly step away from the children's menu when presented with duck fried rice and spicy tuna rolls. Read what they've been eating here, on Chicago Now.

This new undertaking has forced me to use Twitter, which I routinely call Tweeter, and to twit, or tweet; my confusion being painful to my young, hip, twit friendly husband. Follow the Taste Buds, @thetastebuds3, and like them on Facebook. Or, if you prefer, just like them, in real life, as I do. But find the time to read what they're eating, far more productive than running in circles.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So cool! I'll definitely check you out on FB.

I just love baffling hostesses and waiters by refusing the children's menu, by ordering a regular entree for my girls.

And wanna see me get huffy??? Bring out something plain - "because I didn't think the children would like it" - without asking. Seriously!

I ordered some mac & cheese for the girls one time, that was supposed to come topped with Gruyere...and it came out "naked". I asked about it, and the waiter said he told the kitchen to hold it, since the dish was for children, "and they don't like those types of cheeses." Gah!!! ;)

Suz said...

oh dear...tell me not hanging ducks in the window....oh no
I just read your old post about the dead mouse....funny

northsidefour said...

Mandy, I ordered a cheese plate for the girls, when they were about 2, and the server said, quite directly, that they would not like the cheese on the cheese plate, that it was adult cheese. We were in Des Moines, Iowa, home to, apparently, adult cheese and kid cheese. My guys devoured the entire selection. And Suz, hanging ducks at Sun Wah BBQ, wonderful!


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