Monday, April 23, 2012

Mid Life Career Change, One More Time

It's late April and I have set a goal for myself, a personal goal for the new year. It is not terribly lofty or unattainable, it has nothing to do with personal appearance or acquisitions but everything to do with the way I see myself. Sometime this year, in the 8 months remaining, a very hard deadline, I must find someone to publish something I write.

When, on April 15th, I signed our joint tax return, prepared by my accountant type husband, I scribbled my name on the line above his typed assignment of my occupation: volunteer librarian. Granted, a giant step up from the previous years where I was categorized as "homemaker". The usually straight up Jack really took a risk on that one; we would have surely been heading towards an audit had the IRS delved at all into that career classification. In no way do I extol the traditional values assigned to a homemaker, anyone with eyes (and on very bad days, a nose) can tell from the front door that there is not a great deal of homemaking going on inside. However there is writing, quite a bit of writing, but for Jack, it's not writing as a career choice until you are paid to write. To be clear, no one has ever paid me to be a volunteer librarian, nor, obviously, have I ever received monetary compensation for my excellence in career homemaking.

Either I figure out how to fill out a tax return, which is as likely as me discovering how to retract the cord on the vacuum cleaner without cowgirl tricks and sailor language, or I write something someone can publish.


Emm said...

That is a big goal! What do you count as being published, for instance? I like big goals and wish you the best with it. Now you just need to break it down into smaller, measurable and more manageable steps and you'll be on your way!

northsidefour said...

I'm pretty loose on what exactly that means. Honestly, if someone paid me one dollar, goal accomplished on my husband's terms. Maybe I should write a letter to the editor??


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