Monday, April 26, 2010

Crazy Like a Fox

My politics are quite precious to me and I trust that they are to you as well, we may not always agree but thankfully, we each have our own opinion. I respect that. And to my delight, I find that I was born in a country where I am allowed to not only have my opinion but voice it as I please. If I wanted to sit around with a group of people who all thought as I did, I would move to Lichtenstein.

Like many, I love to nod my head in agreement but sometimes, when I am all alone, I slip over to Fox News because occasionally I need to shake my head the other way. It's Sean Hannity, not Rachel Maddow, who challenges me, who encourages me to question what I believe and in that, my convictions grow stronger when I am forced to substantiate my own opinions, even if only in my own head. Much in the way I love painfully long conversations with my step brother, a keen wit who voted for Bush and would, if offered the option, do it again and again and again, or so I believe. He challenges me, annoys me, makes me laugh and leaves me feeling smarter than when I sat down. I appreciate that.

And while I don't agree with his politics I have never wished harm upon him, or his chosen candidates. Its true, he may have, on more than one occasion, wanted to bash me over the head with a long oar, but I do believe that is a desire he wishes only upon me, and not for those I select on my ballot. Loving the challenge is one thing, wishing death on another, to my way of thinking, completely beyond the acceptable scope of confrontational politics, especially when issued by those proclaiming great patriotism. The recent growth of the Facebook group that suggests that Obama should go the way of Farrah Fawcett and Patrick Swayze, in a plea to God no less, is beyond what I can comprehend, and beyond what I can accept as tolerable.

Disagree with me, please. But don't wish me dead, it's not patriotic, it's not kind.

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Rob Marvin MD said...

Thanks, Ally.

It does seem that to discuss politics can often place me in imminent peril just as (imaginary) contact sports did in my youth. All I ever ask from anyone is a thorough hearing; agree to disagree but do not dismiss my view out of hand.

My general stance with anyone who holds rabidly strong opinions, even if I am in complete agreement, is to essentially corner them to make an intelligent defense of those positions. There is somewhat troublesome trend with many -- of every stripe -- who seem to depend on the talking heads, editorials, or even John Stewart to craft their views.

Like you, I am bothered by the irksome vitriole and crazed behavior of many who have apparently forgotten the simple rules of the playground your daughters are learning now; it's "their" turn at bat -- like it or not. Wait your turn!


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