Monday, June 1, 2009

Still Hungry

Pass the kung pao, hand over the moo goo gai pan, we're still hungry.

With great joy I called the first of the three schools on my list today, to introduce myself and arrange a time for a school visit. The woman I spoke with was confused, she shuffled paper, she put me on hold, she checked with a coworker and then she said "I don't see either of your children on my list". But I had my letter, my official letter from the Chicago Public School system, certainly the error was on her end, "please check again". And she did, and oh yes, there they are, of course, my apologies, hmm, this is odd, "You said they were twins? Katherine has a spot in first grade, and Mary in second".

Like most parents, I believe my children are bright and intelligent small people but bypassing kindergarten, and all of first grade for Mary, is really not part of our overall education plan.

All three schools have reserved a spot for our children, not one in kindergarten. Jack made a personal visit to the CPS offices this afternoon and found, much to our surprise, they made a mistake. There were many explanations, no apologies, and few accommodations. There might be a spot, or two, available still, he promised to call Jack back this afternoon.

We celebrated this weekend, we drank prosecco, we bragged to our friends, the road to education glory was in sight...we're still waiting.


Farrell said...

Are you sure you sure you don't want to move to the suburbs?

Margaret said...

I think CPS should give you what you want, as a goodwill gesture, to counteract the bumbling, frustrating impression they've given. Are you starting to consider the sweet, small parochial school I imagine nestled nicely in your neighborhood ? :)

Margo said...

There are, in fact, some people who do ok with skipping kindergarten. Just sayin'... ;-)


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