Monday, May 18, 2009

The Walk to School

Yesterday we freed the big buggy from a life trapped underneath the back porch, it seems leaving a bike lock outside all winter is just not the best idea. Covered in gook and goop and winter remains, the key stuck and for the past three weeks of wonderfully nice weekends we have been without a suitable means to move the girls about the city. They've been walking and doing a fine job but my need to walk greatly outdistances their ability, and now, thanks to some huge clippers borrowed from the hardware store, we are free to wander.

Of course we remain trapped in the muck of the Chicago Public School system, no kindergarten in sight, and now only three and a half months from the real commencement, the start of their formal education. We've got three angles: the wife of one of Jack's friends, a teacher who is so graciously willing to put in a good word for them at her school, the second round of lottery picks, and the hope that Mary's test score will finally find her a spot, although we then must appeal to the compassionate principal and beg, bribe and plead for her to take Kate as well. Last week I marched the girls into the CPS office, convinced that face to face communication would make the difference. Certainly it did, immediately after lunch my prospective students sang, tackled, jumped, giggled and danced their way right to the bottom of the list.

The nice woman I spoke with was understanding, even helpful, "Really, I'm so surprised we haven't offered Mary a spot, her score was phenomenal". REALLY. Look, I'm as shocked as you are, but no, we remain at your mercy, the fate of my children's education lies in your capable hands.

Free to walk, but not to school.

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