Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Houston 3, Cubs 2

4:36 A.M.


Grabbing my glasses and tripping over a snoring Eleanor Roosevelt I stumble into their room. Mary's head pops up...

Mary: Mom, who won the baseball game?
Me: What?
Mary: The baseball game Mom, who won?
Me: Cubs, I think the Cubs won.
Mary: Thanks Mom, goodnight.

With an 8:00 bedtime, Mary and Kate hit the pillows about the third inning of night games. It's going to be a very long baseball season if this continues.

This morning she relayed the exchange for her father, who slept through the whole of Baseball Late Night.

Mary: MOM, you told me the Cubs won, they lost, they only had 2, Houston had 3. Three is more than two.

At 4:36 in the morning it is shocking I knew there had been a baseball game, much less who was playing.

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