Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sick Day

Around 11:00 they wandered out, the whole lot of them, husband, children and the dog. I crawled out of bed to the sofa, and they were back, but only to drop off the dog. Eleanor and I curled up, under the old red plaid blanket, and didn't move for at least an hour. Tea, a cracker, and then two hours of Sex in the City followed by a short nap, a shower and a return to civilization, at least for a bit. Prying me off the sofa was difficult, I haven't spent two motionless hours on any piece of furniture, save the bed, in over four years. More tea, a fire in the fireplace and the remainder of my day was spent writing on my laptop, curled up in the big comfy chair in front of the fire. The wild ones returned around four, they had been on the bus three times, to lunch, the flower store, the cleaners, the market and places unknown, although the gelato stop was quickly revealed by the chocolate smudged all over Mary's shirt, she's terrible with secrets.

Finally a sick day, unfortunately called in on a relatively warm and sunny Saturday, but appreciated none the less. And while I missed the madness, it was nice to be home alone, if only I could have not been sick. Next time.

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