Monday, January 26, 2009


For two days it was tense, living with the unknown always scary, the President had gone missing. He was last remembered as a happy young President, riding in the mini shopping cart at Trader Joe's, and had not been seen since. On Sunday I called Trader Joe's, "my daughter seems to have lost her doll, yes, small, dressed in a red snow suit with a hood, bushy black hair, answers to the name Barack Obama", no they had not seen him. We considered calling the Secret Service, Mary considered going to bed for days, lost as she was without her President. Kate offered Senator Durbin but no, once a girl loves a President, well there is just nothing else for her.

We scoured the apartment, Eleanor Roosevelt, who sometimes enjoys a tug and a chew on the President, was questioned. Her hiding places revealed, not a President to be discovered . We checked the dry cleaning, nothing. He was not in the laundry, in the oven, on the front porch, the back porch, in the car, or in the oval office, President Obama was nowhere to be found.

Sunday night I moved the sleeping bags, just to check, once more, the pile of blankets accumulating behind Mary's bed. Out tumbled Barack Obama, tired and hungry to be certain, but found. The search team was called down, Jack Bauer taken off the case, and civility restored to our home. Rest easy Mr. President, it's good to have you back.


Margaret said...

I'm shaken to think of the pitfalls President Obama faces, though a pile of blankets may have simply been a comfy resting spot for the President during a busy and stressful time.

Anonymous said...

you may be the funniest person i you!


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