Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chestnuts Roasting

Being a big believer in all holiday shtick, knowing there is no Christmas like a white Christmas, I roast chestnuts every year. Usually they find their way to stuffing at Thanksgiving but this year I thought it best to put out a big bowl of freshly roasted chestnuts at our holiday party, greeting those folks dressed up like Eskimos as they came in the door.

It wasn't long before our friend Joel handed me a half cracked chestnut, "maybe it's because I'm Jewish but these are terrible". I quickly tossed it, and thanked him for my favorite line of the evening, although we were only about an hour into the fun.

A short while later I saw one of our friends using the wine bottle foil cutter, prying like mad at the peel of the chestnut, with very little luck. Jack stopped him, took the entire bowl of chestnuts, rescuing our friends from my holiday delusions, and tossed the whole of them into the garbage.

For hours I waited for Jack Frost to nip at my nose with no luck. Next year perhaps we'll roast them over the open fire during the party, surely that will help, even if you are Jewish.

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Blushing hostess said...

Lovely blog! Thank you for coming to see me at the Hostess and with luck I will see you there again soon!


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