Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At The Movies

At four years I finally decided the children were ready to watch a movie, although I was certain it would be impossible for them to sit through two hours of anything. First we tried one of my all time favorites, Mary Poppins. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, they loved it. Jane and Michael Banks moved in, Mary and Kate moved out. They developed accents, they began singing, constantly. One trip to Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane and they now clean their room to "Just a Spoonful of Sugar", although their room is still quite messy. They call their father Burt, me Mary Poppins and are wholly confused as to the true identity of Mr. and Mrs. Banks.

During our most recent camping trip in Tooty's apartment we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Imagine the confusion when Burt appeared, not as Burt but as "Mr. Popps". Living with us now are Jeremy and Jemima, along with Jane and Michael. Kate has the accent down, her father just shakes his head when he hears it, "my family will never understand that". Last week at Target we took the lift rather than the elevator and in the mornings Kate pulls a jumper over her head to keep warm.

Our afternoons are spent watching scenes from Mary Poppins recreated in our living room. Their new sleeping bags, courtesy of the Uncles Kenny and Ed, serve as a fine Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when needed for a specific scene, although they do not fly, most sadly. Kate, in a feminist affront to Shakespeare's sexist Globe Theatre, will only take on the male roles, and she does a fine Michael, including his leaping from rooftop to rooftop, rugs being used for our purposes, in the Chimney Sweep number.

My aunt suggested we now move on to The Sound of Music, a wonderful choice.
Imagine this confusion: Mary Poppins, now nanny to another family, in another country, is actually a nun answering to the name Maria. Ask Mary what her name is in Spanish and she answers "me llamo Maria". At Christmas she got quite witty and wished people "Maria Navidad" rather than "Feliz Navidad". As we are several children short of the Von Trapps, Eleanor Roosevelt will surely be called in to duty and I am certain her contribution to " So Long, Farewell" will be nothing short of spectacular.

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