Monday, October 27, 2008

Try It You'll Like It

For the second year in a row we are planning to host a holiday party in our little space, far too many people, much too crowded (children included) but great fun for all of us to pull together. Yesterday began the official guinea pig food days where I try out ideas for party food and we subject our friends to my hits and misses. In the lineup yesterday: polenta squares topped with black bean goop and avocado or chopped tomato and basil, and potato cakes topped with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. Both deemed hits by the review board although the potato cakes need some work, texture being a bit mushy when they need to be crispy. Relatively easy to remedy, with some work.

Accordingly, Mary and Kate have been watching me make notes, what works, what doesn't, creating lists and compliling ideas to put together in somewhat edible food. Today at lunch they offered me a few recipes to try out.

Kate's Recipe for Dessert

mashed potatoes
black beans
wrap in tortilla, and top with tomato sauce
mix in a tiny tablespoon of sugar and one big tablespoon of applesauce
add chocoalte, so it will be a desert, and cover with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream

Mary's Lemon Pie

cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, bread, hot chocolate, smoothies, broccoli, pumpkin, cockles and mussles, pears, eggs, avocado, lemon, crackers and cheese.
Mix in a pie shell.

Lately I have been inundated with recipe forwarding emails. Generally I pass on these, not having the time and hating to badger my friends, but last week I decided to jump in to see if I actually got anything back in return as I am always curious as to what people are cooking. Maybe next time I will offer up one of these, who isn't looking for a new dessert or a lemon pie? Tasty.

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