Friday, October 3, 2008

Tough Decisions

Life is a series of choices. Mine tend to fall into the "green beans or snap peas?" variety at this stage in my life but sometimes I get hit with some big ones. For instance, socks or no socks? I tend to stand on the No Sock side as long as possible but it's getting really chilly here and I'm a bit of a cold wimp. I have on socks.

This week has been rough. Last night Jack and I had scheduled an evening out, a Cole Porter Tribute at the University Club. I love Cole Porter and have been waiting for this for several months. Jack was not as eager but was willing to go along, certainly delighting in seeing me so happy. Who schedule the Vice Presidential debate on the same night as Cole Porter? Who scheduled game two of the NLDS on the same night as the Vice Presidential debate? Cole Porter was scrapped immediately. We can do that another time. Now, debate or baseball?

And then my dear friend LF rang up, she had an extra ticket to the game! Decision made I bundled up, turned on the Tivo, left my date with the children and trudged down to Wrigley. I hear Sarah Palin did better than the Cubs. But our Cubs, what has happened to the team who worked so hard all summer to get here?

Perhaps someone turned the debate on in the dugout?

Saturday is a new day, in L.A.

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