Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the Neighborhood

Our neighborhood bar is a wonderful place: close, cozy, decent patio, huge windows, better than bar food and very kind to us when we bring our children, which is often now that there is no smoking. We are part of the early crowd, before the real fun begins, in the summer outside or now, all tucked into a booth eating burgers (black bean) and sweet potato fries. And our neighbors love it also which is a nice quality in a neighbor, and a neighborhood bar. Last week we had plans to all meet for dinner on Friday night, inaugurating our new monthly outing, three little girls included.

Kate announced to everyone at soccer, coaches, parents, and children, that she was meeting her friend Evelyn at the bar later. She's honest, and I like that in a child, and a friend, and in a neighborhood bar.

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