Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time Machine

Just home from a place that makes me feel as though I have walked into 1990, again. I can't pinpoint it, the clothing and hairstyles, the food, there are a few years that have gone missing between here and Nebraska. To be fair I put myself somewhere around 1997; I own at least five black cardigan sweaters, loafers are my daily shoe and I almost always wear pearls. I don't know if that's 1997 but I think that's about when I stopped buying anything new and exciting.

A very wise friend once told me that she thinks we all get stuck in what we wore when we graduated college. At the time we had just run into her older sister wearing knee length corduroy shorts and knee socks. My best guess is that she also had on a sweater vest but I can't be sure. Megan is in no way stuck in our get out of college year, she's cool and buys hip boots. I wear Born boots, completely comfortable and warm. Seems I only got a few years out of college and Poof!, stuck.

Then to consider, if Nebraska is in 1990, where is Chicago? Several years ago the seventeen year old sister of a friend of ours was in town for a visit. At the time she was living in the suburbs outside San Francisco and was horrified at what she found in our Nordstrom, "your Nordstrom is SO last year!". Where is this year? Should I be looking ahead, trying to find 2009? London maybe, time does hit there first, although I have felt very 1988 in London on several occasions, none actually in 1988.

What have we done with 2008?

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beachbungalow8 said...

aww. man. big hugs. thanks for thinking me not too '87.

you're actually not stuck in any era. which makes you a wise woman. you look good in 'the classic'. i don't.
i tried hard to look good in it back in the 70s, and it still didn't quite cut it. every once in awhile i pull out cardi, and i look contrived. like a wanna be.

so in the mean time, i stand with my nose pressed against the window of the fashion world, breathing steam, hoping to find something in this year's season that's not too last year.

btw, SHE still wears vests and walking shorts.


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