Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good Guys

You're familiar with Babar, right? King of the elephants, his wife Celeste and their friend the Old Lady? Today we were reading Babar the King, and in brief summary, the residents of Celestville are having a wonderful celebration when tragedy strikes forcing Babar to wonder why all this bad must happen. He then has a dream where Misfortune and her friends Laziness, Cowardice, Ignorance and Stupidity come and knock at his door. Alas, they are chased off by small flying elephants known as Happiness, Hope, Intelligence, Perseverance and Patience. And so I must explain, "first, this is all in Babar's dream. These are bad things: despair, indolence and fear, and they are being chased away by the good: courage, learning and work." They both examined the picture. Kate's comment, "So, these (pointing to the small flying elephants) are the Democrats and these (pointing to the other creatures) are the Republicans?".

Despite my left leaning politics, I could not imagine that I have taught my children that Republicans are desperate and ignorant creatures full of despair and fear. Although I do give Hope to the Democrats.

Of course there is this irony.

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