Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday, while bathing, Mary asked me a favor. Holding her finger up in the air she said, "Mom, would you go and put this on the wall by my bed?". It was a booger. She was completely serious, as if this was a quite normal request. I have the booger kid. I knew him in third grade, Paul the booger kid. Boogers everywhere, on his face, his clothes, his desk, and assuredly on the wall in his bedroom. He remained the booger kid as long as I knew him, in fact I think he may still have boogers on his clothes, his home, his desk.

I handed her a tissue and checked the wall. No boogers, no signs that this is something she does regularly. Did she just come up with this idea in the bathtub? I tried to have a serious conversation about the complete ick'ness of booger hoarding which is really hard as I giggle every time I say booger; disgusting dear, not at all nice, please don't do this, please don't be the booger kid, other children will not be kind.

I have opted not to add a picture to this post.

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