Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What We Choose

People say that friends are the family you choose, people being sappy Hallmark cards, plaques often seen at tag sales and really bad Christmas ornaments. Here's what I choose:

These two must have felt like spending five days with vomiting children wasn't enough, they hopped on a plane, last minute, and flew up to be at Mary and Kate's birthday party. Surprise! If only they had thought to put large bows on their little heads.

At the zoo in Kansas City Jack and I found ourselves on the train all alone. The uncles had the girls, the girls were in zoo/train/uncle heaven and we had a quiet ride over to Africa, quiet amid the sound of elephants, screaming children and the annoying man next to us running a zoo v zoo competition with the Omaha zoo. For the record, Kansas City has a wonderful zoo, as does Omaha. But what I got out of this train ride was the sudden realization that I was relaxed, as relaxed as one could be in a zoo transit vehicle knowing that your children are in very good hands. I choose these two to be our family, and if I have to buy a needlepoint pillow to make my point so be it. Four sets of eyes trained on two little girls is a wonderful and peaceful feeling. Is this what it's like to have grandparents who live nearby?

I don't know that these two want to be grandparents but we would certainly have them. They love our girls, and we love them.

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