Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Speaks

I was impressed, with her speaking ability. She was comfortable and relaxed when she delivered all those zingers, zingers that made me cringe and wish she would stop. Zingers that made me afraid people would call her "bitchy" because what we don't need in this history making election is to have the female candidate viewed as being bitchy. Comments that did not need to be said, references to the stage props used at the DNC, clearly to get a laugh, were unnecessary and juvenile. And the comparison between a small town mayor and a community organizer, completely uncalled for and completely out of touch.

Weren't these guys community organizers? This experience seemed relevant on their resumes, Adams, Jefferson and Madison all eventually serving as President.

Jack's uncle was the mayor of a town in Nebraska, about 10,00 people I believe. He's a wonderful man, funny and bright, but in no way do I think he is qualified to be President. And in no way would I compare his job, his part time job as a mayor in Nebraska, to Obama's time spent as a community organizer on the south side of Chicago.

Governor Palin had an opportunity to show us all that she is a qualified candidate for this office. In this, her first real national exposure, she was condescending and dismissive, not the way to prove me wrong.

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