Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pardon Me?

Abstinence may not be the only education necessary, at least in Milwaukee. Realizing I forgot to pack one night time diaper for my one needs a diaper at night daughter I ran into Walgreen's. Always foolishly willing to make idle chitchat with the cashier, to the disgust of my husband, I was offered this gem: "Oooh, do I have a belly ache". Right, please get your hands off my stuff. Or, "pardon me?". "My belly is flipping, I hate being pregnant". Oh yes, keep checking me out please. "You ever been pregnant?" A reminder here, I'm buying diapers, chance are good, but not one to make assumptions, yes, yes, I've been pregnant. "How many times, how many kids you got?" Oh dear, well, "I have twins". "Twins! Lordy! Were they natural?" Pardon me again? "Natural, do twins run in your family or did you use contraception?"

No, we did not use contraception. Thank you.

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