Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

What's it like out there? Here in my corner of the world it's starting to sprinkle which is just dandy because we have outdoor plans this evening. As I previously mentioned, we really enjoy missing things. There were two concerts I wanted to see this summer at Millennium Park, the tribute to Gershwin, and the tribute to Nat King Cole. We were in Michigan for Gershwin, NKC is tonight. The girls missed the base running at Wrigley due to a huge storm that descended upon us in the 9th inning. The make up day was this past Sunday which we missed; having sick children in Kansas City delayed our return by two days. We tried base running in Kansas City, you get to run the bases at Royal's games following Sunday home games. Our Sunday home game went 13 innings and Mary fell asleep. No rain though, my weather pessimist spirit not to blame for that miss. I often think next year, next year they'll be older, next year we can do this, or that, or it won't rain, but the truth is they get to do so much, as do we. We take great advantage of all that is offered to us in Chicago, more than we can handle occasionally, so I have few complaints. But I do really love Nat King Cole, rain rain go away, today.

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