Monday, August 25, 2008

Career Day

While we were out of town vomiting, Jack moved into a new office. Yes, some kind elves moved Jack's very important things into a new office, so that he came home to new digs and bright orange crates to be unpacked. Last week, after soccer, we stopped in for a visit.
He went immediately into a meeting, leaving me to entertain the soon to be four year olds in a quiet and stuffy bank building. Having once been a banker myself, I decided to introduce them to the exciting world of high finance. Here we find Banker Kate helping Customer Mary with a loan. Customer Mary, who would like to buy a new tricycle, needs to borrow twenty pennies and she will pay the bank back twenty-one pennies. Banker Kate offers only four pennies. My Kate, so much like her father, appropriately negotiates the deal. Four pennies will not do for Customer Mary; they agree on eight pennies, with Mary to pay back nine.Feet up, Banker Kate celebrates the closed deal. Perhaps they can schedule golf soon, to further discuss the bulk of Mary's financial plan. I've heard rumblings about starting up a lemonade stand next summer, certainly there will be a need for financing.


Anonymous said...

i love this one!!!

Sarah said...

oh my this is precious! you are a great writer! funny stuff and they are all yours too!


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