Monday, July 21, 2008

Well Dressed Senators

We stopped at the Ralph Lauren outlet store en route back from Michigan, it seems that the camping pillows reminded me that we sadly needed new pillows on our bed at home. While Jack and I dug through the pillow assortment, Mary and Kate found the best deal to ever be found in an outlet store, the Ralph Lauren dog clothing basket. But they did not know these were dog clothes, why these little items were the perfect size for the senators. Sweater after jacket after sweatshirt was pulled out, examined, discussed and returned to the basket. This was senator shopping heaven! After much thought, and great debate, the girls decided on sweaters and so now our senators are wearing cashmere doggie sweaters, originally priced at $250 ( WHO buys these?), which we purchased, along with two new bed pillows, for $9.99 each. Outlet shopping madness!

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