Monday, July 21, 2008

Teetee and Oohooh

I was lucky enough to have two wonderful great aunts, my grandmother's sisters. By the time I came along they were both widows, crazy old gals who lived in apartments on the Plaza (not together!) and lived what I thought to be a most exotic life. At Teetee's I could swim in the pool on the roof and we always ate Wolferman's English muffins, drenched in butter, for breakfast. Staying with Oohooh meant ham and lima beans (fabulous!) for dinner and a walk across the park for ice cream after we finished. I adored my great aunties and I miss them terribly. Luckily I have given birth to Teetee and Oohooh and so life, in it's odd way, has come back around. Mary and Kate fight like old women incessantly. It's comical, often hysterical. Overheard today, from the back seat:

Kate: His steam shovel is named MaryAnn.
Mary: I think that's his wife.
Kate: It's his steam shovel.
Mary:He married his steam shovel.
Kate: Steam shovels don't fit in churches.
Mary: WHAT?
Kate: You get married in churches.
Mary: Only things with eyes are allowed in churches.
Kate: Steam shovels have eyes.

I was about three comments in before I had any idea what they were talking about, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. What I love is that Mary knew immediately.

Teetee and Oohooh had these conversations. They fought over gin rummy, cocktails, politics, bingo, olive toasts, which Catholic church to attend on Sunday, you name it, they argued. And now I know they each understood exactly what the other was saying.

I'll have to find a picture of those gals, goodness they were wonderful.

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