Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Whenever I have to fill out a form that says "occupation" I put writer because I cannot bring myself to write MIDWESTERN HOUSEWIFE, MOTHER OF TWO, NO INCOME, COOKS DINNER BUT DOES NOT CLEAN OR IRON. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Unruh, encouraged me to write. She never, not once, encouraged me to be a housewife. I don't think I can let Mrs. Unruh down. Third grade was when I met my best friend Brad, earned a blue ribbon in writing in the curriculum fair and became terrified of house fires after watching a "Be Prepared, Scare the Children" movie in class. And my sister was born, third grade was a pretty good year.


Sarah said...

Mrs. Unruh would be very proud of you, you are a talented writer! She was by far one of our best teachers.....LOL about "The Curriculm Fair", I totally forgot about it..... I think I have been too occupied trying to figure out if Mr. Owen Ward was gay! long live the Trailwood Thunderbirds!

Anonymous said...

i'm not so sure you were happy about it then...but thank you! -your very own sweet tart:)


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