Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On Demand

Here's what happened, I discovered Sex and the City is available On Demand. Yes, anytime I want (anytime I can find quiet) I can catch up with my old friends Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie and Miranda. But, like bad chick flicks set up good chicks to believe in ridiculous romance, Sex in the City sets up good chicks to believe in proximity available friendship. These women have lunch together once a week? At a diner? Come on, I love diners but my dining companions are two 3 year olds and an occasionally grumpy but generally lovable banker. And from time to time you can open your door and find one of your best friends standing there with bagels and cream cheese? I would DIE if I opened my door to find any of my best friends with sesame bagels and some good chive cream cheese. To be fair, the opening of the door thing is completely unrealistic, they all live in the city, and unless they've shared keys (which perhaps they have) they would have to be buzzed up but still, if one of you rang my buzzer, I'd be in heaven.

Maybe we can all get together for some virtual Chinese carry out someday. If I can se
e the menu of a tiny restaurant in Mexico from my frozen tundra home in Chicago, certainly we can all get together for some mu shu tofu (yes I know, beef for Heather) and crab rangoon.

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