Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So Bold, So Brave, So Smugly Anti Trump

Last week, when it was 70 degrees in Chicago and I was out running errands in flip flops, enjoying this break in winter like I enjoy the last glass of wine, all the while knowing that at some point I would pay for this frivolity, I smugly posted this on Facebook:

Seventy degrees in Chicago today; remind me again why you don't recycle?

That's not like me! While I may have many a smug opinion I rarely share them so publicly. I generally decline to opine, at least on Facebook. I was oddly empowered to share my snarky disdain for those who chose, for reasons I will never understand, to not recycle.

Several days later I posted a picture on Instagram of our dear mutt Russell, adopted last summer from a shelter in Michigan with this hashtag: #adoptdontshop.


It's true, I don't understand the logic of buying a dog from a breeder or pet store when there are so many dogs in shelters who desperately need a good home, and yes, I admit to a certain level of smug when I cuddle my seven month tenured shelter pup, but why did I need to share that?


My absolute disdain for Donald Trump has empowered me with an unfamiliar level of bravado. My new sense of superiority in almost every way to Trump supporters is translating into a new and mouthy me. Of course you should recycle! And I don't care if it's not offered in your neighborhood, bag it up and drop it off; how difficult is that? For that matter take the extra five steps at Starbucks to put your paper cup/napkin/bag/newspaper in the recycle bin (which is generally directly next to the garbage bin, requiring no fancy footwork at all).  And the dog? Adopt a beautiful dog or cat and take that $500 that you would have spent on a pedigreed puppy and donate it to the shelter, they need it.

It's the constant onslaught of information, factual information, that refutes most of what Donald Trump says, combined with the daily reminders of his total disregard for minorities and women, that feed my self righteous behavior. Not only cannot I not support a man who plays on fear and chaos, I feel a responsibility to look for the truth, share what I know, and push for reason. It's not all right to mock those with physical handicaps or insult veterans. It is not all right to belittle, badger and bully others, and it is certainly not all right to encourage violence.

Nowhere is that responsibility greater than in my interpretation of this madness to my children, children who understand the value of opening their homes and hearts to those that are in need. It is my responsibility to teach them to think critically, challenge what they are told and to always seek out the truth. Integrity matters, as does kindness.

Recycle, because it is the right thing to do and the actions of one can make a difference. Find your voice.

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