Monday, February 1, 2016

He'll Say Anything To Get That Dog

He wants this so bad. He really, really wants this. And he's willing to say just about anything to get it.

Which is what happens when you really want something and you are willing to try every angle, without thinking through the entire argument. My ten year old children, who really wanted a dog, promised to always feed the dog. They would walk him every day, I would hardly know there was a dog in the house. They were even willing to find a way to fund the health care, if we would only get them a dog.

We got them a dog. But we knew that they would not always remember to feed the dog, and they would not always be able to walk the dog, and they certainly were not able to fund the dog. Children who really want something are willing to say just about anything to get it, but we, as parents, know that those promises made in the heat of the ask are not going to always be fulfilled. That's all right. We make the decisions based on reasonable expectations and facts, aware that they are emotions at work as well.

The problem here is that the facts seem not to be in play at all, and reasonable expectations are being cast aside en lieu of emotions. Mr. Trump has promised to overturn marriage equality, which he can't do. He is going to pack the court with the kind of justices that believe, as he does, that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Except that isn't going to work because there aren't enough liberal justices in the queue to retire to change the vote, at least not now.

But he's saying what he thinks the voters in Iowa want to hear, because he wants this so very badly. I'm just worried that they are listening, and not thinking through how badly he wants this dog.

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Nellie said...

I rather cringe at some of the comments I hear from him!


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