Friday, September 4, 2015

Small Town News Trumps That Woman in Kentucky, Every Time

This morning, before the girls were awake, I spent my quiet morning time reading, as often I do. Regretfully I gave far too much of that precious time to the inane story of that women in Kentucky who has decided that her beliefs matter most. And once I was finished with her I went and read online comments which just frustrate me and make me worry about things far more global than my morning mind can handle. Disgusted with myself, I made myself another cup of tea and picked up Sunday's newspaper, the one delivered to my small town driveway late Saturday night, the one that has been sitting under magazines since Sunday morning. It's only two sections, no more than 8 pages in total, but I read it every week and enjoy catching up with the high school football team and the Humane Society Pet of the Week. For reasons not thoroughly understood I also read the obituaries, inside the front page, right next to the notes from the Circuit Court. It's never a long list but they are clearly written by close family members and include interesting details about the lives of their loved ones.

Today's column included Nell, who was born in Kentucky in 1926. Nell was widowed at 18 but went on to earn a teaching degree, with a major in home economics, which then took her from Kentucky to Michigan for a teaching position. She married a war veteran and went about juggling the demands of teaching and raising a family. Her six children gave her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was an aunt, sister and friend, but more importantly Nell was a Christian. We know this because it is the first thing listed in a long list of all the things that Nell was in her 89 years.

And there, in Nell's obituary, I found a tiny something that made all the time wasted reading about that other woman from Kentucky seem less important.

"Nell is survived by her son Joseph (Timothy) of St. Louis".

Listed with her other children and their spouses, Nell's son and his husband. Not the least bit newsworthy, just a part of Nell's grieving family. No woman in Kentucky can take that away from me, or Nell's family.

This is not a picture of Nell. My small town newspaper isn't really online and even if they were, I couldn't steal Nell's lovely photograph. Nor could I give any publicity to that other woman from Kentucky so here we have a picture of my grandmother, I just happen to like it. And I think she would have liked Nell.

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Nellie said...

Wow! Am I loving this post of yours today! Happy week-end! Summer's last hurrah! xo


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