Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Orange is Not the New Blue, But It's Still Allowed

The Chicago Blackhawks just won the first game of the Stanley Cup finals. I'm not really a hockey fan, at some point in every game I lose the puck and then lose interest in the entire game, but it's fun to live in a city that really gets behind it's sports teams, especially in the post season. Half the city wore Hawks jerseys today, perhaps more than were allowed at Game One. Like many I am confounded by the Tampa Bay Lightning restriction on Blackhawk clothing in certain areas of the arena.

I may not be a hockey fan but I am a baseball fan and I watched seven World Series games, in both Kansas City and San Francisco, with this orange shirt behind home plate. In a sea of KC blue, this guy stood out in a painfully obvious way (and his orange looked very Giants like at first glance). Royals management offered this Marlins fan a private suite if he would move, his orange jersey standing out in every single home plate shot. He refused; having paid $8,000 for the seat he wasn't moving, or changing shirts. And so he stayed, bothersome to see, but allowed to wear what he wanted, as it should be.

So proud to be a fan of team that doesn't dictate to fans what they can and cannot wear in their stadium. Go Royals, and Go Blackhawks.

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