Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Wrote A Book

Five years ago, or so, when I was writing away on my blog and frustrated with my inability to do anything further, I joined a writing group, hoping that this might be the motivation to do something more. That may or may not have happened but I did find, on one Monday night every month, a group of people that I really enjoy, a group that brings amazing ideas and critical, yet supportive thoughts (I did have something I wrote years ago referred to as "brain goop" but that was not the collective opinion) to each and every meeting. And after we spend several hours sorting through words we adjourn for dinner and drinks, making a most complete and happy Monday night.

It took us five years but together we wrote a book: a collection of short stories all centering around an evening in Chicago. They are as varied as we are and in my not at all objective opinion, quite fun to read.

From the book description:

An evening in Chicago, among it's 2.7 million inhabitants, yields many stories - of love, lust, crime, tragedy, death, disillusionment, birth, fortune, reconciliation, revelation and hope. While these themes will be familiar to readers, many of the 14 stories in An Evening in Chicago, will introduce them to colorful characters and unusual circumstances outside the realm of everyday experience. All of these stories are set among the soaring skyline, beloved landmarks, colorful neighborhoods, and great lake that define Chicago. Written by the members of the University Club of Chicago Writing Society, these stories will enrich readers' insights into the city and its people and forever change their perspective of what can happen when the sun sets over Chicago.

The book is available at Amazon, and I have several copies piled up in the dining room. I will happily sell you a copy with a box of Girl Scout cookies.

The description alone makes me want to live in Chicago, thankfully I do. 


Nellie said...

What fun the writing of this book must have been! You've a regular shopping mart in your dining room - books AND Girl Scout cookies! How well I remember THOSE days!

Suz said...

Wow...!!...congrats!...yes I would lvoe to have this book....DO you have one for me or would you rather I go to Amazon? email me

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Yay you for writing in a group! It's brave to take your writing out in the world beyond this platform. Keep going, it's writing worth sharing.

northsidefour said...

Thank you all! Suz I would love to get you a book, email me if you'd like, I'm happy to deliver!


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