Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dinner and a Movie. Book.

"Yes dear?", so smug, as if he knew I was calling for help.

"The VCR won't work". Of course I was calling for help.

"Allyson, we don't own a VCR, we haven't owned a VCR in more than 10 years".

It was raining, and it had been all day. The girls and I decided to make dinner and watch a movie but, and this happens from time to time, I was having a few technical issues. Like the time when they were both home sick from kindergarten and I promised them Christmas movies but couldn't even get the television to turn on. Or the time I got my phone in Spanish mode and couldn't understand the directions to get back to English.

"Right then, the movie player won't turn on. I am hitting this button, the one on the left, and nothing is happening", as I hit, repeatedly, the open/close button.

"Is it unplugged?"

I got on my knees and asked the girls to do the same, searching everywhere for the plug source. We could hear him laughing. We found nothing unplugged.

"Look at the back, the plugs going into the box, are they plugged in?", and in fact they were not.

I plugged in all cords I could see, popped in Anastasia, pushed the arrow button, and waited for the magic to happen.

"Do you have the right remote?"

Here's where things get tricky. There are something like seven remote controls for this one television and apparently if you don't use the right one nothing happens. 

"First you need to tell the main remote what you want to do. Have you done that?"

"There is a main remote? And you want me to talk to it?"

At this point we could have walked in the rain the four blocks into town, bought three tickets plus popcorn and drinks, and watched a movie while wearing soaking wet clothes, all of which would have been less painful than getting the television to work.

He sighed, "read a book Allyson".

And so we did.


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