Monday, June 9, 2014

Kate Read the Book. First.

There have been several times when I find that I am completely intrigued in a certain book. Often, I like to share my love of the book with another person. Solving this, I walk around and ask people whether they have read the book or not. The answers people give are quite assorted, but in my opinion the strangest answers are the terrible ones in which the people say that they have seen the movie instead. To my great disappointment, these answers are quite frequent and are from many people. They leave me in total awe at the people that don’t read the book before they watch the move.
    Imagination is a wonderful asset. It gives you the freedom to picture anything in your head as you think it would be, to create a world absolutely different from your won. As you read a book, you can use your imagination to your advantage, making the story’s illustrations up in your mind. However, while watching a movie, you have the whole entire picture right in front of you. With this little to imagine, for me it becomes a boring thing to see. I believe that books exercise one’s brain, and that is very important. To be settled down, reading a book and picturing dozens of people, places and things is a great joy. Books have many wonderful ideas and descriptions to enjoy that movies would never have. -Kate B.
Kate wrote this passage which was published in an arts magazine featuring the work of students on the north side of Chicago. She read it last week at a forum sponsored by StudentsXpress. Her book loving librarian mother was beaming from the audience. 


Nellie said...

I have a personal prerequisite for watching a movie. I must have read the book first - if there is a book on which the movie is based. Imagination is one of our best gifts! Great for Kate!

Suz said...

proud of Kate!

I watched Labor Day, the movie,
which compelled me to seek out the book.....


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