Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dammit Allyson It's Mother's Day

He would have said, "God dammit Allyson, it's Mother's Day".

And I would have said, "but Dad it's your birthday".

And he'd guffaw and lean back in his chair, "yes, and it has been for  years. Go, celebrate with your family, you're a mother now, more important than being a daughter".

"But Dad..."

"Although I really don't know about you celebrating Mother's Day, as far as I can see you should just celebrate Father's Day twice. Seems to me that husband of yours does all the hard work."

But he didn't say that, although I know that he would have.

Happy Birthday Dad, Happy Mother's Day Me.

And Dad, Jack does all the laundry.



Suz said...


Susan HeadInMyHands said...

Sweet. I miss my Dad too.


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