Thursday, April 24, 2014

Knobby Knees? Look At These.

My knees are fat. Even when I'm not they are. It's how they're built, I have never had knobby knees, I never will.

On our first date, which was not actually called a date then because we worked together (but is now because we are married), Jack and I went to a Cubs/Royals game in Kansas City. It was a Sunday in late June, sunny and well over 90 degrees. It was the perfect opportunity to sweat away any chance at a future relationship.

Uncle Kenny, my long time best friend and simply wonderful person, was there when I came downstairs, dressed for my non date in khaki shorts and a sleeveless navy polo shirt.

"My knees are fat. He is going to see my fat knees."

He laughed. He did not tell me that my knees were not fat because we both knew that was not true. He said this, "if he doesn't like you because you have fat knees then he wasn't worth liking at all".

And I went off to a baseball game with a guy that I thought I might like knowing that a guy I loved appreciated me for who I was, not who I thought I should be. He still does.

Every girl should be so lucky.

 Not a bad outcome for a Cubs loss on a very hot day in June, so many years ago.

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Suz said...

yep he's a keeper


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