Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Always a New Year

Last night we had crab cakes, 15 years ago we had crab dip, or at least I did.

It was our first New Year's Eve spent together. Jack and his roommate were throwing a party and I was included, in the planning, in the inviting, in the preparations.

I bought a new outfit and made crab dip. They flushed the toilets and bought a keg.

The guests arrived, including everyone they had ever known, and some woman the roommate had met only the night before. My guests, all three of them, arrived wearing clothing at about the time many of the other guests began to lose theirs.

The crab dip was delicious, and a big hit with the one person I saw eat it. "Did you make this?", and I eagerly nodded. "Figures, it's good though". This was the longest conversation I had all night.

I've lost track of the all the eves in between crab dip and crab cake, but this one is always the one that counts. This year, crab cakes for four and a snowy night in Michigan. Cheers to those who make a new year worth celebrating.


Nellie said...

Happy New Year to you!

W Prann said...

Good Memories!

s said...

I think I may know how delicious the crab dip tasted. I feel like I was there.

northsidefour said...

The crab dip was delicious, I need to make that again soon! Thank you! And BP, so great to hear from you. You are such a huge part of that story, our entire used to be life, including couch guy! Love!


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