Thursday, March 7, 2013

Zachary Taylor Swift

"Mom, I think when Mary grows up she is going to marry someone whose last name is Swift", said Kate.
"And I think she will change her name."

Admittedly I'm lost, and a bit disappointed with this last prediction but Kate continues, "and then she will have a baby and name it Zachary".

"All right, Zachary Swift, interesting."

She nodded, "yes, and his middle name will be Taylor!", and then she bobbed her head, smiling like mad, and looked to me to know exactly what she was saying. I nodded and smiled but with the dazed look of a woman who was completely lost, quite similar to the face I'm left with when she says things like "prime factorization".

"Mom! Zachary Taylor Swift! She can have a baby that is named after both our interests! Zachary Taylor AND Taylor Swift! Get it?

Oh I do now. Twins.

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