Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pho Pad Lo Mein Roll

"Mom, I'm having a problem with the Asian people".

"Beg pardon?"

Kate nodded in agreement, "I know, I always think F.U. when we eat Thai food".

"I'm sorry?"

In less than 20 seconds they had rocked the core of my Asian soul. The always effective old adage "but some of our best friends are Asian" was not going to erase what I had just heard.

My usual tactic is to blather on incessantly, creating great confusion while accomplishing little. Showing great restraint, I let this conversation continue, uninterrupted.

"Exactly. The only one I think I always get is Japanese", said Mary.
"Japanese is easy, sushi, and sometimes noodles. But F.U., I love that, and I can never remember what that is", answered Kate.
"F.U. is Vietnam, that one I know", from the now Asian food confident Mary.

"Kate, by F.U. do you mean Pho, the soup?"

And she did. The problem, it seems, is not with Asian people but with keeping track of what Asian people eat, and in what country.

Tomorrow we dim sum, and as a refresher, that's China guys. Happy New Year!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, I am chuckling!!!

I was just laughing to myself this morning, as I asked B, "Can you use that in a sentence?"

I feel like a spelling bee contestant on a daily basis, when the girls ask, "What does XYZ mean?"

Out of context, I don't always know what they're talking about...or, as was the case this morning, B had made up a word. ;)

Good thing to let the conversation play out, I think. I've further confused the girls a time or two, answering a question (on a sensitive topic!) that they really didn't ask.


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