Monday, November 5, 2012

Elephant in the House

Re-posted from September, 2008, when Mary, at four, was a John McCain fan and I saw history repeating itself in my home.

When you ask Mary who she is voting for she replies quickly, "John McCain".

My father was a Republican, a flag waving rompin' stompin' Republican educated at Texas A&M. I was schooled, at a very young age, that the only party was the grand old party. On my 18th birthday Dad took me to register to vote. That November I proudly cast my ballot for Walter Mondale. My father was defeated, a failed father. And I a failed voter, Mondale of course losing in a landslide.

My father tried for years to correct his mistakes. He did everything in his power to show me the Republican way. He tried, he really did, but in all that schooling he taught me to be an independent, and critical, thinker. He also created a political junkie who lives for this time of year. I never turned to Dad's side, we battled for years, he finally resigning himself to his vote canceling out mine (and vice versa). All his dreams came true when they built the Bush library on the A&M campus, two of the greatest things in the world coming together in one place. Dad proudly wrote his check of support and then had my name added to the Donor Wall.

My four year old daughter, who has a doll named Barack Obama, is going to cast her four year old vote for John McCain. My father, wearing an Aggie hat and waving a McCain sign, is dancing in heaven.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That makes me laugh that your dad added your name to the donor least he could dream, right?

We've been talking up election day with our girls. They were at first pretty sad when they realized a couple of weeks ago that Obama won't actually be there when we vote.

And this morning brought about another sad new revelation to them. I've told them that they can press the button for me and their dad...but they just put it together that they can't vote themselves.


Joyce Lansky said...

My father considered himself an independent, but he seemed to always vote for the Republican. I'm not quite a yellow dog Democrat, but I'm not too far away from being one either.


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