Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Break For Everyone

 It's summer, but only for a finite time. Our end date is only about 6 weeks away and given that I live all year for these precious weeks, I intend to enjoy them as best I can. Rather than days spent in a coffee shop writing, I opt for days spent at the beach, or hours flipping through the current Food and Wine while Mary and Kate splash every bit of water out of their blow up pool. My responsibilities are on summer vacation as well (you should see the laundry room) and that is just fine with me.

My notebooks are full, I keep scribbling away, but evenings that used to be quiet writing time are now spent in the park listening to music or at the harbor watching an outdoor movie, or sometimes reading on the front porch, when it's not 97 degrees outside. I'm on summer break, right along with my children who squeeze every bit of summer out of their days. I'd hate to miss that.

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