Friday, May 18, 2012

My Favorite Subject

"What? You stay here all day?"
"I do."

Because I love it, because I love being part of the school. Because I love books, and reading, and watching kids get excited about books.

Because one 11 year old boy, in a special needs inclusive classroom, wrote this in his journal last week:

My favorite school subject is library. I like read the books. Because I learn about all the books. And list to they read and I cheek the book to read. I get big I read to the kids.

And that is why I spend four days each week volunteering in the library.


Suz said...

bless you
I volunteered for I lost count years
and it was worth it
every minute of it
and I went on almost every field trip
for three kids...yikes
that's a lot of bus rides
We never know which child we touched along the way besides our own
I love books....too

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

My little E had to write about her favorite place at school. She choose the library because of the books and how books give you ideas and possibilities.

What better place could there be?

(Thanks for volunteering!)


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